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What Is the Best Facelift for a Man in His 60s?

4 Minute Read:  One of the biggest misconceptions is that cosmetic surgery is only for women. That just isn’t true.  As men age, wrinkles appear and skin begins to sag. These signs of aging are most apparent on the face. However, a facelift can help remove these signs of aging from the face.  Facelift surgery […]

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Are More Men Considering Facial Surgery Due to COVID?

2 Minute Read:  It has been widely noted that facial plastic surgery has been increasing over the past year. Most people claim that this increase is directly linked with the rise in virtual meetings through Zoom and other platforms, as more people continue to work remotely due to COVID-19. The sight of our faces on […]

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Not Ready for Surgery? 3 Non-invasive Options for Men

3 Minute Read:  It’s an undisputed fact that men are increasingly seeking the help of plastic surgeons to reach their aesthetic goals. But there are still many men who feel apprehensive about going under the knife—instead, opting for lesser invasive procedures that enhance appearance without surgery. The slate of non-invasive cosmetic procedures continues to expand […]

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