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Scarless Endoscopic Facelift in Beverly Hills

Facial concerns can differ between men and women. Men generally wish to have a younger appearance but also want to retain the masculine contours of their face. Additionally, because men tend to wear their hair cut shorter, visible scarring is a concern for many men considering a facelift. Dr. Calabria is a leader is performing endoscopic facelifts to erase years from your appearance without creating a single scar.

Stock Scarless Endoscopic Facelift

Benefits of a Scarless Endoscopic Facelift

  • Lifts drooping facial muscles
  • Doesn’t leave a visible scar
  • Has a more volumizing effect than traditional techniques
  • Dramatically shorter recovery time
  • Longer-lasting results
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Additional Stock Scarless Endoscopic Facelift

Endoscopic Facelift Process

Incision Placement

A traditional facelift typically uses incisions that run in front of the ears. Instead, Dr. Calabria uses tiny incisions along the temporal scalp and inside the mouth. These minor incisions are designed to prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Endoscopic Lift

Through the small incisions along the scalp, Dr. Calabria repositions sagging tissues using endoscopic cameras and instruments. The endoscopic technique focuses on providing a vertical vector lift to the cheek muscles rather than a horizontal lift many traditional techniques use. The vertical lift helps prevent the “wind tunnel” look many people fear.

Dramatic Results

Many men prefer the scarless endoscopic facelift because it has a volumizing effect rather than a flattening effect as a result of the skin is not being pulled tight; the endoscopic technique results in a fresher appearance. Since the deep facial muscles are being lifted, your results will last longer than so-called “thread lifts.”

After an extensive consultation, Dr. Calabria will recommend which technique will help you achieve the best results possible. Often, he utilizes multiple techniques to customize your procedure. Tailoring each procedure to the individual allows Dr. Calabria to achieve natural-looking results that best highlight your facial contours while maintaining the masculine qualities of your facial structure.

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Endoscopic facelift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia. While general anesthesia provides a safe and comfortable surgery, patients who require minimal facial correction may qualify for local anesthesia.

Since the endoscopic facelift doesn’t cut through facial tissues, the recovery process is much quicker. You will experience some facial bruising and swelling that will last for several days. Most people can return to work within a week of their procedure. You can resume your regular physical activities three to four weeks after surgery. Swelling can last four to six weeks.

While you may experience some discomfort during your recovery, it is generally milder than that of a traditional lift. Oral medication is prescribed to control pain during recovery.

No. It is recommended that patients with neck sagging undergo a neck lift in conjunction with their facelift. A neck lift uses a discreetly placed incision under the chin.

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