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The male vertical facelift is a completely different type of facelift that was pioneered by Beverly Hills Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria with the specific goal to avoid the so called “wind tunnel look” that is so common after traditional male facelift surgeries.

The facial aging process is similar for male patients as it is for female patients, but there are some factors that are specific to the male aging process. The thickness of skin is different in men and women. In addition, the hair baring areas, including the topography of the beard, is crucial for male facelift patients. Hormonal influence is also very important in the aging process and the decrease or lack of hormones, like Growth Hormone and Testosterone, can cause premature aging in men. All these factors, along with others, including diet, exercise, genetic predisposition, weight gain or loss, etc., is specifically addressed in depth in another section of Dr. Calabria’s web site. Suffice to say that if we look at gravity as the end result by which all these factors interact, it is easy to realize that, in the aging face, it follows a direct vertical downward vector. Therefore, according to Dr. Calabria, it does not make any sense to correct a vertical downward force with a horizontal vector procedure like the traditional facelift.

It seems obvious that the horizontal pull commonly used in today’s facelift procedures will cause an unnatural result. This unnatural result is magnified in the male facelift patient because of the particular facial features of a man’s face, namely a shorter hairstyle and stronger bone structure. In a male patient, if the vector of pull is wrong, the “bad” result is extremely obvious. For this reason, Dr. Calabria has developed a newer procedure called the male vertical facelift.

The male vertical facelift has a vertical vector of pull of the deep structures of the face, namely facial musculature and subcutaneous fat. The muscles and fat are the framework of the face and repositioning them to their original position will make the results so much more natural. Almost all plastic surgeons claim that they are doing a vertical facelift. However, technically, in order to do that, the undermining of the superficial skin level needs to be done extensively so that the muscles of the face, namely the zygomaticus, orbicularis oris, levators, platysma, etc., can be sutured vertically to a more youthful position. This complicated surgical technique will determine the final outcome and, by modifying the deep framework of the face, allow the skin to be re-draped in a more natural fashion, avoiding the” pulled” look.

For the male facelift patient, traditional facelift surgery will not work and is a guaranteed recipe for failure. The male vertical facelift recreates the original framework of the face by moving the facial tissues in a vertical direction, directly opposite to the force of gravity.Beverly Hills Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria has developed this new procedure, has presented it at national and international plastic surgery meetings, and has published various articles on it. Again, it takes special expertise in male vertical facelift surgery to deliver an undetectable result, which is not just option for men, but a must!

To learn more about the male vertical facelift surgery, call board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria. Dr. Calabria has the education, experience, skill, and expertise necessary to help you achieve the natural, more youthful, and long lasting results you desire. Call Dr. Dr. Calabria at his Beverly Hills office at (323) 612-0859 or his Rancho Mirage office at 760-836-0077. Dr. Calabria looks forward to meeting you.