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The Vertical Facelift

Men have vastly different facial needs than women. Between the increased skin thickness, beard topography, and masculine hairline, it can be more difficult to provide men with the natural facelift results they desire. Dr. Calabria revolutionized the facelift procedure to specifically meet a man’s aging needs by developing the vertical facelift. This modern facelift technique combats the vertical effects of gravity without using a horizontal facelift, resulting in an even and natural appearance.

Dr. Renato Calabria specializes in facelift surgery and has perfected multiple techniques that are designed to restore natural, youthful facial contours that highlight the masculine qualities of the male facial structure.

Achieved With The Vertical Facelift

  • No “Windswept” Look

    Most surgeons perform their facelifts using a horizontal technique where they pull the facial tissues to the side to achieve a smoother complexion. In both men and women, this technique often results in an overly pulled or “windswept” appearance. Dr. Calabria’s vertical facelift works in the opposite direction of gravity. By pulling up on the facial tissues rather than to the side, he is able to achieve the same smoothing results without the “windswept” look.
  • A Natural Appearance

    Dr. Calabria’s vertical facelift works with the deep tissues of the face to achieve a more inclusive and natural facelift. In addition to lifting the facial skin, he also repositions the deep muscles and the fatty facial tissues. Dr. Calabria’s technique modifies the underlying framework of the face by draping the tissue over the jawline. Sculpting the facial tissue to highlight the stronger, more pronounced jaws and cheeks of men is the key to achieving natural male facelift results.
  • Reduced Scarring

    Scarring can be more difficult to disguise in men because they often wear short hair styles. Dr. Calabria discreetly places all incisions in more easily concealable locations within the hairline. An endoscope is used to perform the vertical facelift, which requires much smaller incisions than the traditional facelift technique. These smaller incisions result in less visible scarring.
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Benefits of the Vertical Facelift

Addresses the male aging process

While many people view facial aging as a woman’s problem, many men suffer from the effects of aging. Men can develop excess, sagging skin on the lower portion of the face, which masks the attractive appearance of their jawlines. Men are also prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles around their cheeks and nasolabial folds. The vertical facelift tightens and smooths the facial skin to erase years from a man’s appearance.

Enhances the masculine jawline

Dr. Calabria tailors each of his vertical facelifts to address the specific needs of men. Since men have stronger, more pronounced jawlines than women, a typical facelift can obscure its appearance. The vertical facelift ensures that facial tissue draped and contoured to enhance the masculine jawline and highlights your overall facial contour.

Provides deeper correction

Other, more traditional, facelift techniques may provide only a surface correction to your aging problems. While this technique may provide you with the results you desire, the correction is usually short lived. Targeting the deep muscle of the face provides patients with more thorough correction and longer-lasting results.



Most patients can return to work within two weeks of their vertical facelift procedure. You can resume your regular exercise routine after three or four weeks. Most of your swelling should subside within six weeks.


The vertical facelift is designed to result in less visible scarring than the traditional facelift. Patients that do develop scarring will find that it fades over time.


The cost of your facelift procedure will vary depending on the extent of correction necessary to achieve your desired results. You will receive an accurate quote for your procedure during your consultation with Dr. Calabria.


You will experience some bruising and swelling that may cause you minor discomfort. Dr. Calabria provides his patients with oral medication for pain management during their recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The vertical facelift addresses drooping of the zygomaticus, orbicularis oris (muscles in the lips and around mouth), levators (muscles around the eyes), and platysma muscles (muscles in the lower jaw and neck).

Men and women seek out facelifts to correct signs of visible aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging facial skin.

With the vertical facelift, Dr. Calabria addresses the deep facial tissues to ensure that patients receive long-lasting results. With healthy skin maintenance, most patients have results that last them for years.

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