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Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift in Beverly Hills

Traditional facelift techniques target the deep muscular layers of the face to restore a tighter, more youthful appearance. However, these techniques fail to address the surface layer of your skin. Many men will find that the texture and volume of their facial tissues aren’t improved with traditional facelift techniques. Rather, older techniques leave the face looking lifted, but the tissues still appear older. Dr. Calabria recommends the stem cell enhanced facelift for men who are looking to restore youthful firmness to their appearance while smoothing the surface of their face.

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Benefits of a Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift

  • Uses 100 percent patient-harvested fat
  • Improves texture
  • Restores volume
  • Regenerates more youthful tissue
  • Provides minor body contouring to troublesome fatty areas
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Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift Process

Harvesting Regenerative Cells

Unlike traditional fat grafting, more than just fat cells are used for the stem cell enhanced facelift. Once the tissues have been safely extracted, a simple enzymatic treatment isolates the stem and regenerative cells from the fat cells. These cells may be prepared for injection by themselves or in conjunction with small amounts of fat.

Performing the Facelift

Dr. Calabria combines his regenerative cell solution with the vertical facelift. Every facelift is designed to specifically target the needs of men to ensure that the masculine contour of their facial features is maintained. Utilizing the vertical facelift technique ensures that you achieve natural-looking results while avoiding a “windswept” appearance.

Injecting the Cellular Solution

Dr. Calabria finishes his facelift by injecting the new solution of regenerative cells into the surface layer of your facial tissues. This technique restores volume to an aging, deflated face and regenerates the tissue to turn back the clock on your appearance. Regenerative cells are carefully placed under and over the facial musculature via microcannulas.


Stem cells occur in many regenerative tissues such as skin, bones, muscles, brain cells, and fat. Stem cells harvested from fat can help regenerate older cells in the skin tissue. This process helps produce new, younger cells, erasing years from your face.

Stem cell enhanced facelift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia. While general anesthesia provides a safe and comfortable surgery, patients who require minimal facial correction may qualify for local anesthesia.

The stem cell enhanced facelift has the same recovery time as Dr. Calabria’s vertical facelift. You should be able to return to work within two weeks of your procedure. Most patients can resume their regular workout routines after four weeks. Excess swelling should subside after six weeks, at which time your final results will be visible.

Many doctors use the term “stem cell” facelift to mask their fat grafting procedure. Dr. Calabria’s stem cell enhanced facelift separates regenerative cells from the fatty tissues. These specialized cells stimulate the regeneration of new cells to promote a more youthful appearance. Fat grafting, on the other hand, simply restores volume to the facial tissues.

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