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Will Jawline Contouring Increase Among Men in 2021?

2 Minute Read:  Weight gain, a loss of elasticity, and genetics contribute to a less-than-chiseled jawline.  Working remotely has meant endless hours of staring at our faces on video calls, making us more aware of our appearance realities. This has prompted a growing interest in cosmetic surgery, particularly facial enhancement procedures in both men and […]

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Not Ready for Surgery? 3 Non-invasive Options for Men

3 Minute Read:  It’s an undisputed fact that men are increasingly seeking the help of plastic surgeons to reach their aesthetic goals. But there are still many men who feel apprehensive about going under the knife—instead, opting for lesser invasive procedures that enhance appearance without surgery. The slate of non-invasive cosmetic procedures continues to expand […]

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Men’s Facelift Recovery Guide

5 Minute Read: Today, men want to look as polished and youthful as any of their female counterparts, and they are not shy about seeking out plastic surgery to do so. More men than ever are turning to procedures like the facelift to lift sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate their appearance.  Getting a facelift […]

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