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Facelift surgery is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the face, reduce sagging skin and jowls, smooth deep creases and wrinkles, and reveal a younger-looking you. With all these benefits, it can be tempting to think it’s an easy ride…but not quite. 

There are some critical steps to take before your facelift that will help your procedure be more safe, effective, and comfortable for you. 

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1. Do Follow All of Your Plastic Surgeon’s Instructions

Each procedure is particular to the patient, with unique surgical techniques and modalities. Therefore, your surgeon will have specific instructions for you before and after the process. You must follow all instructions that your surgeon provides you. Instructions can refer to hygiene, incision care, medications, or anything else that can impact the procedure itself and the recovery period. In many cases, these instructions will be unique to your unique needs, the nature of the procedure, and your health. You won’t be able to find similar information in an internet search, so always default to what your surgeon tells you.

2. Do Have an In-depth Pre-operative Consultation

Your consultation is the time to let your surgeon know all relevant details about you to ensure the safety and success of your facelift. Be sure to disclose all past and current medications and health issues. You may be advised to adjust or cease certain medications if they interfere with your procedure. Your surgeon will also discuss the surgical plan at this time, which will inform what your recovery may look like. Remember: not all plastic surgery is created equal, and facelifts will differ significantly from one surgeon to the next. 

3. Do Ask Questions

This applies to any time throughout the surgical process: consultation, post-op, and aftercare. It is beneficial to plan for your consultation ahead of time and think about any questions you have surrounding the procedure. Your consultation is valuable time with your surgeon in which all of your questions, concerns, and goals can be discussed. Don’t be afraid to contact your surgeon throughout recovery as well. It’s better to ask if you are cleared for a certain activity than to do it and risk the quality of your results. 

4. Don’t Smoke

Smoking or nicotine intake of any kind increases your risk of postoperative complications. Nicotine restricts blood vessels, meaning less blood flow and less oxygen, resulting in tissue death or necrosis during recovery, delayed wound healing, increased risk of large scars, and blood clots. It’s best to quit smoking six weeks prior to and continue another six weeks after your facelift.

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol

Alcohol thins the blood, which increases the risk of bleeding during surgery. It’s best to refrain before and after your facelift to ensure safety and effective healing. Your surgeon may also advise you to adjust any blood-thinning medications before your facelift for this exact reason. 

Your Male Facelift Expert Surgeon

Dr. Renato Calabria is the premier male facelift plastic surgeon, perfecting the art of natural-looking and rejuvenating results. With an understanding of the anatomical specifications of male facelift patients, Dr. Calabria uses specialized techniques that complement the male face: angular lines, contoured jaws, and a vertical approach that avoids the “wind swept” facelift look. 

Dr. Calabria maintains a boutique approach to plastic surgery, taking individualized care to provide unique postoperative instructions to each patient and being singularly involved in the patient’s recovery process. This practice is unique to Dr. Calabria, as many plastic surgeons pass off postoperative care to nurse practitioners. He also has compiled specific pre-and-post instructions to give patients an idea of what to expect from their facelift with him. 

Interested in Male Facelift Surgery? 

Dr. Calabria creates natural-looking, rejuvenating, masculine results for his male facelift patients. If you are ready to start, call one of our offices today to schedule a consultation with our board-certified male facelift surgeon. 

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