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Male Facelift Patient 1

The History

61 years old palm spring facelift patient just divorced looking for a fresh start complaining of looking tired.

The Procedures

Upper and lower blepharoplasty and vertical facelift in Los Angeles


Note the dark circles around the eyes have disappeared after surgery. Note the natural ”undone” postoperative result, especially important in male facelift patients in Beverly Hills.


Fillers and fat grafting would have been just a temporary improvement.

Male Facelift Patient 2

The history:

This Beverly Hills facelift patient is in his 6o’s and wanted a fresher look.

The procedures:

Vertical face lift and neck lift and transconjuntival lower blepharoplasty


No evidence of any stigmata of surgery

Male Facelift Patient 3


62 years old male complaining of looking tired


Natural, slightly underdone


Vertical facelift-lower face and neck lift


Only 2 weeks after surgery, note the scars are already almost undetectable; some swelling is still present which will resolve within a few weeks.

The third and fourth sets of pictures are 15 years after surgery with the results still lasting.

Male Facelift Patient 4

Male Facelift Patient 5


This male palm spring face lift patient is in seventies and wishes a fresher look but to maintain masculine features.


Vertical face lift and neck lift, upper and lower blepharolasties


Note the hooding on the brow are left intact so the patient does not look “done”. In male patient is imperative!

Male Facelift Patient 6

The first black and white is the patient before surgery and when he was in his thirties. The second black and white is the patient in his thirties and after surgery, and the third before and after surgery.

The history:

This Beverly Hills Face lift patient is in his sixties.

The Goal:

A natural result

The procedures:

Vertical Face lift and Neck lift


Fresher but still very masculine look!

Male Facelift Patient 7

The history:

50 years old male face lift patient

The Goal:

More sculpted look

The procedure

Vertical facelift and neck lift


More defined jaw line and neck