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Facial Implants in Beverly Hills

Many men want to obtain or maintain a robust and masculine image. According to esteemed plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria, having a firm understanding of the intricacies of the male facial skeleton is crucial to achieving the best facial rejuvenation outcome. Even a minor correction of the facial structure can often produce elegant and dramatic results. Facial implants can modify the basic proportions of the male face to correct projection deficiencies and provide better definition. These solid silicone devices are placed over the periosteum of the bone so that they begin to feel like bone after recovery. Facial implants are permanent modifications that accentuate male facial features for a distinguished appearance.

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Achieved With Facial Implants

  • Sculpted Cheekbones

    Many male patients desire prominent, sculpted cheekbones that give them a stronger facial framework. Cheek implants can add attractive definition and projection to a narrower face, producing stunning contours that complement the male anatomy. Some patients may decide to undergo a combination of procedures, including facial implants, to achieve their cosmetic goals.
  • A Masculine Jawline

    Facial implants can help build a stronger, more masculine bone structure. A chin implant may be used to improve the projection of a weak chin, while an angle of the mandible implant creates a square, chiseled jawline. The appropriate implant types are chosen according to anatomic considerations and the degree of enhancement required.
  • A Youthful Appearance

    Certain facial implants can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles over time. Cheek implants, for example, may reduce signs of facial aging such as the development of nasolabial folds and sagging or sunken cheeks. Combining facial implants with other facial rejuvenation procedures can produce optimal results in patients who desire a more youthful aesthetic.
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Facial Implant Options

Cheek Implant

Adding some fullness to the cheeks can help balance the upper and lower face and create a more pleasing appearance. Cheek implants are inserted through incisions within the mouth for a scarless improvement. They also increase the projection of the upper face and sculpt the area in a way that facial fillers cannot.

Chin Implant

Having a weak chin can be disheartening for male patients. A chin implant can increase the projection and improve the shape of the jaw, producing pleasing contours to the lower face that complement the other facial features. This type of implant can be inserted through an incision within the mouth or underneath the chin.

Angle of the Mandible Implants

One of the most sought-after male features is a prominent and chiseled jaw. The angle of the mandible implant is designed to improve jawline definition and create a stronger-looking jawbone without producing any visible scars. These types of implants are inserted through incisions that are placed within the mouth for an inconspicuous enhancement.



Patients can expect minor bruising and swelling for about one week after their facial implant procedure. As these side effects dissipate, the final results will become visible. Physical activity must be limited for up to six weeks to prevent complications and to ensure a comfortable recovery.


Most facial implants can be inserted through hidden incisions within the mouth that do not create visible scarring. Sometimes, chin implants are placed through a tiny incision underneath the chin, but any resulting scar is likely to fade over time.


The cost of facial implant surgery depends on several factors, including the extent of correction, implant type, and surgical fees. The price of your unique procedure will be calculated during your initial consultation.


Patients may experience some discomfort following facial implant surgery, but pain can be managed with oral medication as prescribed by Dr. Calabria.


Many patients find that combining surgical techniques will help them achieve the results they desire. Facial implant surgery may be performed in conjunction with any of the following procedures:

Fat grafting may be used for some contour enhancement, but the final look is softer and more feminine than with facial implants. Additionally, fat grafting is less predictable due to varying degrees of reabsorption.

The results of facial implant surgery are considered permanent. As long as there are no significant complications following the procedure and the implants are not cracked due to trauma, patients can enjoy their results forever.

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