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Some Men Are Just Too Young for a Turkey Neck

3 Minute Read:  No matter how young a man is, excess and sagging skin on the neck can cause him to look older than he is and lose the masculine and handsome appearance he wants. That’s because the neck, along with the face, is one the most visible parts of the body.  While a turkey […]

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Got Tech Neck? How a Neck Lift May Be All Men Need to Look Younger

2 Minute Read:  Are you experiencing deep “tech neck” wrinkles or other signs of aging in the neck? With the rising tech-driven culture, more people than ever are suffering from “tech neck,” a term used to describe the act of stressing muscles while using phones, tablets, and computers. Can a Tech Neck Lead to Aging? […]

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Why You Should Consider a Neck Lift

When it comes to a youthful appearance, your neck is one of your most important features. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten and neglected. While men tend to take care of their faces, their necks are a different story, even though the neck often shows signs of aging before the face does. The neglect of the […]

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