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7 Things You Should Be Eating to Maintain Your Facelift Results

2 Min Read:  A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to restore youthful facial contours, reposition sagging fat, and tighten skin on the face. After a facelift, it is important to maintain your results through a mix of lifestyle changes and a nutritious diet. Of course, knowing what to eat to keep your skin healthy […]

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Men’s Facelift Recovery Guide

2 Minute Read: Today, men want to look as polished and youthful as any of their female counterparts, and they are not shy about seeking out plastic surgery to do so. More men than ever are turning to procedures like the facelift to lift sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate their appearance.  Getting a facelift […]

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How Can Facelift Surgery Help Men?

Cosmetic surgery is thriving. The stigma behind plastic surgery is fading away, and millions of people now seek cosmetic procedures that rejuvenate and improve their appearance every year.  Women have traditionally been cosmetic surgery’s biggest clients, but recent studies show men are now starting to catch up. More specifically, they are seeking out facelift surgery […]

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