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Many people start thinking about their aesthetic options for facial rejuvenation at a certain point in the aging process, especially when they believe facial signs of exhaustion don’t match the energy they feel. One of the most significant factors that many consider is how natural their surgical results will look and how painful the process may be overall. 

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To overcome these concerns, we will cover the benefits of the vertical facelift by world-renowned facial specialist Dr. Renato Calabria. This procedure has natural-looking results built into its design, and Dr. Calabria has constructed comprehensive recovery instructions to make the process as painless and effective as possible.

What Is the Vertical Facelift?

As we age, we lose volume in the face due to a lack of collagen and elasticity. As the facial structures lose their volume, the skin begins to sag downward, creating wrinkles, creases, and folds. 

A facelift is the ultimate in facial rejuvenation procedures, as the primary aim of this surgery is to reverse these signs of aging by lifting the underlying structures of the face to smooth out creases and remove excess skin. 

A vertical facelift offers a more substantial revitalizing benefit as Dr. Calabria has designed it to incorporate the natural antidote to the gravitational pull on the skin. When we think of “bad” plastic surgery or facelifts of the past, we think of that “windswept” appearance that has affected an unfortunate few. This happened because surgeons of the past pulled the skin and tissues of the face on a horizontal plane. 

Dr. Calabria uses the vertical facelift to combat the downward pull of the skin by lifting the facial structures on a vertical plane instead, resulting in a much more natural-looking result. 

Benefits of the vertical facelift include: 

  • Tightened skin on a natural contour
  • Fewer wrinkles and creases
  • Preserved facial hairlines

The vertical facelift helps men achieve a youthful, natural-looking appearance as Dr. Calabria creates a contour that aligns with the natural curves and angles of the male facial structure. Additionally, traditional facelift techniques often include sutures along the hairline, which is not always ideal for male patients with receding or thinning hair. Dr. Calabria tailors this procedure to his male patients by placing the incisions in discreet locations that will not result in visible scarring on the hairline. 

What Is the Vertical Facelift Procedure Like?

Your vertical facelift will be performed under general anesthesia so that you will feel no pain during the procedure itself. During the procedure, incisions will be placed deep within the hairline and behind the ears to avoid visible scarring. Next, Dr. Calabria will lift the deep vertical planes of the face, such as the subcutaneous fat and musculature, to achieve a natural-looking, youthful result. Excess skin is neatly trimmed and the incisions are expertly closed. 

Vertical Facelift Recovery Process

Dr. Calabria provides a truly individualized experience and develops precise recovery instructions for each patient. However, a general recovery from a vertical facelift will involve short swelling, bruising, and tenderness. It is recommended that patients keep their heads elevated to reduce symptoms. Most patients can resume their routine within two or three weeks following their procedures. More physical activities can be resumed after four weeks, or at Dr. Calabria’s discretion.

How to Prepare For Your Vertical Facelift

Dr. Calabria has detailed specific preoperative instructions for his male vertical facelift patients for an effective surgical process and recovery. Dr. Calabria will begin with a comprehensive preoperative examination. You should prepare by accessing your medical history, including any medications and recent blood work.

Other ways to prepare include: 

  • Healthy diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid medications, supplements, and vitamins that can cause bleeding

Additionally, Dr. Calabria often advises male patients to grow out their beards before surgery so that he can follow the natural hair growth and place incisions most appropriately. 

Preparing for your male vertical facelift is crucial to the procedure’s success. Dr. Calabria urges patients to take the operation seriously, as it is still surgery, even if it is elective. Following his pre-and postoperative instructions will result in a better outcome. 

Interested in the Vertical Facelift for Men?

If you want to learn more about the male vertical facelift, call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Calabria. You can reach our Beverly Hills office at (310) 777-0069, Rancho Mirage office at (760) 836-0077, and Italy office at +39.349.4662323.