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When it comes to your handsome face, time doesn’t have to be unkind anymore. 

A man receives an anti-aging cosmetic treatment.

With many effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments available, you can help reverse the following five signs of aging and look younger than you thought was possible without surgery.

1. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

As a man ages, lines and wrinkles inevitably develop on his face. While some men are not bothered by this and feel it adds character or “wisdom,” others are troubled by the emergence of these.

Lines and wrinkles can also form on the face prematurely, causing men to look older than they are. If you want to eliminate or reduce wrinkles, fine lines, or deep creases, the following options are available:


  • BOTOX® Cosmetic is a neuromodulator that relaxes the muscles and prevents the contractions that cause dynamic wrinkles. These appear on the forehead and between the eyebrows.
  • JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® are hyaluronic acid fillers that can treat superficial creases extending from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial folds) and fine lines around the mouth.
  • RADIESSE® works in two ways: filling in lines and wrinkles and triggering new collagen production deep within the skin to keep it looking younger for longer.  
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic also stimulates new collagen growth and can restore lost facial volume. 

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Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

A man receives a microneedling treatment.

  • Microneedling creates “micro” injuries in the skin to elicit its natural healing response and trigger collagen production. Microneedling can be used alone to reduce wrinkles and improve the overall quality of the skin. 
  • PRP microneedling adds platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to the microneedling process. PRP contains potent regenerative properties and is safely retrieved and separated from the patient’s blood. When combined with microneedling, it restores lost collagen and elastin, delivering faster, more dramatic results.

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2. Sagging Skin

In the past, loose facial skin has been difficult to treat effectively without surgery. However, today the following advanced treatment is up for the challenge:

  • Thermage® is a non-invasive procedure that tightens mild to moderate skin laxity using radiofrequency (RF) energy without the redness, irritation, burning, bruising, swelling, or downtime associated with other laser treatments.

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3. Volume Loss

To address volume loss in aging skin without implants, these dermal fillers are the go-to treatment:

  • RADIESSE® and Sculptra® Aesthetic provide long-lasting volume to restore masculine youthfulness to the face. 

Sculptra® Aesthetic and RADIESSE® are also used to add definition and enhance the jawline.

4. Uneven Skin Tone and Texture 

As skin ages, its texture and tone go through various changes and can be adversely affected by genetics, smoking, alcohol use, dehydration, and excess sun exposure. 

Try the following breakthrough treatments to restore balanced and healthy-looking skin:

  • PRP microneedling encourages new collagen growth to improve the quality and texture of the skin.
  • Pulsed light laser (Fotofacial laser) effectively and non-invasively treats sun damage, age spots, redness, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and flushing with little downtime.

While several pulsed light laser sessions are necessary, men who have undergone this treatment report dramatic improvements in the quality and tone of their skin.

A man receives pulsed light laser treatment.

5. Enlarged Pores or Discoloration

Skin loses much of its appeal when discolored or the pores are enlarged. While these are common problems, it can be hard to achieve long-lasting results from most treatments.  

  • Pulsed light laser treatment also effectively treats discoloration and reduces pore size for more even and smoother skin texture.

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When Non-Surgical Treatment Isn’t Enough

Sometimes, men need a little more cosmetic help than non-surgical treatments can provide, and this is especially true with droopy upper eyelids or severe puffiness under the eyes.

This eyelid wrinkling doesn’t mean they should undergo a facelift procedure. In fact, facelift surgery does not address these eye concerns. Instead, consider an upper or lower blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). 

For men interested in facelift surgery, Dr. Calabria offers a variety of advanced techniques that are customized to meet your needs.

Learn More About Advanced Cosmetic Treatments for Men in Beverly Hills, CA 

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