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Scarring after plastic surgery is a common concern shared by many — men and women alike. For male facelift patients specifically, the fear of facial scarring is further heightened, considering that shorter hairstyles and receding hairlines generally offer less possibility for scar camouflage.

Bust of a young man with a beard against a gray background

Unlike women, who can use makeup coverage and longer hairstyles to conceal their scars, men do not always have the same luxuries for concealment. And with thicker, heavier skin of the bearded face, there is a tendency to place more tension on incisions, further increasing the chances of scarring or poor wound healing.

It makes sense to be concerned about scarring on one of the most visible parts of your body. 

For this reason, patients should take extra caution in ensuring they work with an experienced and talented plastic surgeon who understands the male facial anatomy and uses new approaches to preserve a natural, masculine appearance with minimal scarring. 

Dr. Calabria tailors his male facelift techniques to provide well-concealed scars through the innovative tension-free facelift technique.

Minimizing Scarring in Male Facelift

Patients today demand the best aesthetic outcomes for their cosmetic procedures. Avoiding tension on the skin closure during the initial recovery period is the most important factor for achieving well-healed and beautiful incisions.

Dr. Calabria is a leading advocate of the tension-free facelift. This specially designed technique that eliminates tension placed on the healing incisions to minimize scarring and ensure your scars heal and fade in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

What Does the Tension-Free Facelift Involve?

Unlike the traditional facelift, where incisions begin in front of the ear and extend up into the hairline, a tension-free facelift places incisions at the edge of the tragal cartilage, higher up along the ear, resulting in a less visible scar. Meticulous planning in the placement of incisions is taken to avoid changing facial hair and beard growth patterns.

Dr. Calabria also employs an advanced lifting technique using facial tissue to create suspender flaps which shift tension from the incisions themselves. This helps to reduce scarring during the recovery process. The technique is also a great way to provide additional support to muscles targeted in a facelift for long-lasting results.

The suturing process is the final step in minimizing scarring in your tension-free facelift. When an incision closure is poorly done, it is more susceptible to scar formation. To avoid this, Dr. Calabria uses half-buried sutures, very fine sutures that ensure your scars are placed as inconspicuous as possible, without leaving a stitch mark appearance.

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Interested in a Male Facelift?

If you are concerned about facial scarring but need extensive facial rejuvenation, a tension-free facelift may be ideal for you. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Calabria by filling our online contact form to determine your candidacy.