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According to Top Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria, too often the bony proportion and the facial skeleton are not considered by plastic surgeons in facial rejuvenation procedures and this is detrimental to the final outcome of the case. Sometimes even a small correction of the facial framework can enhance the final result dramatically.

Facial implants are used in male patient plastic surgery procedures to change the bony structure of the facial skeleton when there is a deficiency in projection. The indication for facial implants in men is different than it is for fat grating, which is used more as a volume-enhancing procedure. Sometimes the indications of the two procedures can be overlapping, especially in the cheeks and in the angle of the mandible (lower jaw). The difference between facial implants and fat grafting is that the cheek and mandible implants provide a more sculpted look versus fat grating, which gives a softer look. Also, facial implants are permanent, whereas there is a variable degree of re-absorption with fat grafting.

Facial implants are made of solid silicone and are considered a foreign body, which can form a thin capsule around it in the same way breast implants can. They are susceptible to infection and, if it happens, they may need to be temporarily removed. Once they are placed over the periosteum of the bone, they begin to act like bone. After the swelling subsides, the patient will not be able to feel the implants at all.

There is a substantial difference how facial implants are used in male and female patients. In general, male facial implants have more an anatomical shape; they tend to be of a bigger size and are aimed to give a more masculine look to the patient. Female facial implants are smaller and the indications are to improve projection in a softer, subtler way.

Male chin implants are used when there is lack of chin projection. Depending on each individual patient’s anatomy, a specific form is chosen. If the male patient’s desire is to create a “square” and very masculine look, then an anatomical square implant is used. If only an increase in projection is desired, then a regular shaped chin implant is used. Chin implants are used in younger male patients when there is a congenital problem (deficiency in projection), but are also used in select cases where the patient has a “turkey” neck. A weak chin creates an obtuse cervico-mental angle and, with aging, it accentuates the skin laxity in the aging male neck. A correction of the cervico-mental angle with the placement of a chin implant along with a neck lift or face lift will result in a much sharper and an aesthetically better facial rejuvenation. Chin implants are generally placed trough a small incision inside the mouth or underneath the chin. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia and the recuperation time is not more then a few days. It is often combined with a rhinoplasty, when indicated, to give more proportion to facial structures.

Cheeks implants are used to improve the facial framework of the male patient’s face. In male patients, projecting cheeks and an overall stronger facial framework are considered to be very attractive features. Furthermore, male patients who have strong cheeks seem to have fewer issues with deepening of the naso-labial fold as they age. Placement of cheek implants can definitely improve the appearance of a young patient with under projecting cheeks or help the aging male patient in combination of a face lift procedure. Cheeks implants are placed trough a small intra-buccal incision. A pocket is created bilaterally over the zygoma and then the implant is inserted. The implant is usually secured in place with a temporary suture to prevent migration and asymmetry, which seems to be the most common complication of cheek implants.

The angle of the mandible implants are definitely a procedure performed very often in male patients. Again, the implants are chosen according to anatomic considerations and the degree of enhancement desired. The angle of the mandible implants enhances projection at the jawline and gives the male patient a more chiseled and masculine look. These implants are also inserted through a small incision inside the mouth. During the post operative period, there may be a little bit of swelling and minimal bruising.

Dr. Renato Calabria believes that facial implants are an important tool, especially in the male patient where a correction of the facial skeleton is crucial in delivering a strong, masculine image. If you are considering facial rejuvenation, call Dr. Renato Calabria to schedule your consultation. Dr. Calabria is board certified in plastic surgery and specializes in male plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Calabria will personally meet with you to discuss your goals and can help you obtain the look you desire. You may call him at his Beverly Hills office at (323) 612-0859 or his office in Rancho Mirage at 760-836-0077.