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According to Top Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria, the most frequent and overdone facial plastic surgery procedure performed on men is the upper blepharoplasty. Not only is this the most misused procedure, but also it is the one male facial rejuvenation procedure that, if not done properly, causes the most common tell-tale sign of having had plastic surgery. Let’s analyze why.

In a typical aging face, the upper third is very revealing. The excess skin on the upper eyelid is caused by two distinct factors: one factor is the descent of the position of the eyebrow with age, and the other is excess skin present on the eyelid due to aging as well as the constant motion of the upper eyelid.

The single most common mistake that patients and plastic surgeons do is to not consider the ptosis (descent) of the eyebrows. In order to remove all excess skin present, often the excess eyebrow skin is removed with the excess eyelid skin through a blepharoplasty incision. This causes a skeletonized look of the aging eyelid that can be worse than the original look. The classic “done” look is appreciated by noticing the “still” low eyebrow position and the “unnaturally” sculpted look of the eyelids.

By definition, upper blepharoplasty consists of removing excess skin from the upper eyelid through the natural crease of the upper lid in a semi- lunar fashion. If the entire loose skin is removed, a classic “round” eye is the result. Any patient with an overdone upper blepharoplasty has a rounder, smaller eye shape with a “too clean” eyelid crease; this is the tell-tale sign of a man having had “bad” plastic surgery.

As Dr. Calabria discussed in the male facelift section of his website, male facial plastic surgery has to follow a different philosophy: nothing should ever be “overdone”. If an upper eyelid blepharoplasty is warranted, it needs to be done very conservatively, with little skin removal and very conservative fat removal (mostly centrally and very seldom laterally) to maintain a youthful fullness.

Dr. Calabria believes that the male aging face should maintain a somewhat rugged form. For a man, the eyelids are very revealing. Often, an overdone eyelid job is more damaging than any other facial rejuvenation procedure for men. A conservative approach is the rule in order to avoid a problem that can be very difficult to correct.

Dr. Calabria believes that correcting an overdone blepharoplasty requires placement of fat grafting in the upper fold of the eyelid to fill in the emptiness created by an over-skeletonized excessive skin and fat removal.

In Dr. Calabria’s opinion, the most important job of the plastic surgeon for a man undergoing facial rejuvenation is to guide his patients by suggesting which operation to do, when to do it, and when to say no.

If you are interested in male facial rejuvenation, we encourage you to call Top Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria to schedule a consultation. Dr. Calabria is board certified in plastic surgery and specializes in male facial rejuvenation, including the upper blepharoplasty. Call Dr. Dr. Calabria at his Beverly Hills office at (323) 612-0859 or his Rancho Mirage office at 760-836-0077 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Calabria will help you achieve the natural, more youthful look you desire.