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The most common complaint from men seeking facial rejuvenation is the laxity of the skin on their neck (the so-called “double chin”), which is due to relaxation of the tissues in the neck, namely the platysma muscles and the skin. This may be caused by a number of factors, including genetics predisposition, sun exposure, smoking, and weight gain and loss. This problem is sometimes accentuated by a retruding chin, which can make the cervico-mental angle less defined. In cases of a retruded chin, a chin implant is sometimes recommended, which is placed subperiosteally on the anterior surface of the chin to augment the projection and create a more defined neck.

The platysma is a paired muscle that originates from the clavicle bilaterally and blends into the musculature of the face above the line of the mandible (the lower jaw). It has a medial and lateral aspect.

The medial aspect is sometimes plicated (sutured together) in order to improve the so called “platysma bands”. The medial plication of the platysma bands is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can be effective in very heavy necks where it is important to create a thinner and more sculpted look. On the other hand, it can be detrimental in very thin necks, creating an “over skeletonized” look with a hollow area that is not very attractive, and can actually make the male facelift patient look older.

The lateral plication of the platysma is effective in creating a more youthful look. This is done by suturing the lateral and superior aspect of the platysma muscles in their original position.

In some cases, there is a “fullness” of the neck just under the chin that accentuates the “double chin”. This is due to deposition of excess fat. The fat is most commonly located just under the skin and over the platysma muscles, and is very responsive to a conservative syringe liposuction procedure done with micro cannulas. In some cases, the fat is located under the platysma muscles and is more genetic in nature. This fat can only be extracted with direct excision through a sub-mental (under the chin) incision. This procedure is very effective, but the excision needs to be very conservative in order to avoid over-resection.

In addition, noticeable fullness in the lateral neck may also be due to the submandibular glands. In aging, these glands can become ptotic (sagging) and cause an accentuation of the fullness that may not be noticeable before surgery because of the laxity of the skin, but can become more evident after the surgery. Ptotic submandibular glands are a problem that may be very difficult to solve. Some improvement can occur by creating a suture line of support over it, and, in extreme cases, a resection of mandibular glands is performed.

The male “Just Neck” lift is a rather simple procedure performed by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria. It requires incisions that are located only behind the ears, so they are not actually visible. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting, requiring no more then a long weekend for recovery time. The excess skin is removed, the muscles are plicated either laterally or and medially, and liposuction is performed as needed. Best of all, this is achieved by only two little incisions in the sulcus behind the ears.

The male “Just Neck” lift is probably one the most popular procedures among the male facelift procedures in Beverly Hills. The lack of visible scars, a shorter down time and recovery, and little to no side effects makes the “Just Neck” lift a very attractive option for men. In addition, because Dr. Calabria performs this procedure under local anesthesia, this is a relatively safe procedure for older patients who do not wish to undergo general anesthesia.

A natural and youthful neck is often an underrated feature, yet a loose neck is one of the most prominent signs of facial aging. The “Just Neck” lift procedure can help can reverse the hands of time for any aging male patient who suffers from this problem.

If you are interested in learning more about the “Just Neck” lift, call board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria at his Beverly Hills office at (323) 612-0859 or at his office in Rancho Mirage at 760-836-0077. Dr. Calabria will personally meet with you and help you obtain the natural and youthful neck you desire.